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Welcome to Say Monkey Photography

Welcome to Say Monkey Photography Te & Gareth Ratahi are the married couple that run this show. Te is an accredited member of the AIPP, loves photographing newborns and wild kids. Gareth contracted the photography bug from Te and is great with the guys of all ages.  Together they form a chilled out team who will have […]

Hayley & Noah – Our First Session

This year I celebrate 5 years with Say Monkey Photography. Over the next month I will be sharing photos from the past and some of the newer ones too. I took these photos of Hayley and Noah back in 2012. Noah was super shy and hardly spoke a word to me the whole time, Hayley […]

My Cancer Awareness #IceChallenge

I did the Cancer Awareness #IceChallenge on saturday. It was awesome! 4 Buckets of ice water over the head in the middle of winter. I was nominated by my cousin Roimata who lives in Melbourne. She completed the challenge and was kind enough to pick me as one of her nominees. She has picked 5 people […]

Happy Birthday Lachlan – First Birthday & Naming Day Celebration – Erskine Park

He was surrounded by friends and family celebrating his 1st birthday. Fortunate enough to be blessed with the clearest blue eyes and a smile to melt hearts. He has several grandparents to dote on him and is completely unfazed by the attention.   Meet Lachlan, bright little button of a boy.

Lest we Forget – ANZAC Day 2014

Today I attended my first ANZAC Day service since moving to Australia 11 years ago. I have family who serve in the Navy back in NZ and used to be close to a number of veterans at the Pukekohe RSL. However when I moved here I lost the sense of connection to the service that […]

Happy Birthday Ingrid

Last month I captured Ingrids 18th Birthday Party. She was surrounded by friends and family. Her cousin Alex did a wonderful job of decorating and arranging the table centrepieces. The food was plentiful and tasty and the atmosphere warm. Everyone enjoyed a dance and they were still at it when I left. Here is her […]

Teen Formal Portrait Session – Commencement Ball – Penrith Panthers

Today was a big day in our household. The school my daughter attends holds a Year 10 Commencement Ball. This is the year that all the study and academic pressure starts. I guess they give them a good time before the hard time starts. She was undecided as to wether she would go or not so […]

Chip and Bella – Fur Baby Wall Art- Small Canvas

Just arrived! Cute dogs on canvas. Their mummy will be stoked to see her canvas

Yay for me! Im an Accredited Professional Photographer

I’ve been doing photography for 5 years now. Its been a slow journey, building the confidence to start putting myself out there as a photographer. Ive invested thousands of dollars in training, workshops and equipment. Ive practised and I’m still practising. I don’t think you ever stop practising when your a photographer. Something new comes […]

Jemma – The Light Within – Teen Portrait Session – St Clair, Western Sydney

This year I want to start a new project. One where I photograph a young person and show them how amazing they are. Hopefully I can help change their perception of themselves. Every month I will be picking a young person to be blessed with a portrait session. Their friends or family will need to […]

Premium Prints – Invest in a finished product

Do you have all the time in the world? Can you shop around, look for the best or cheapest framer in the area and have your Classic Prints finished off? Then stop reading, unless you love canvas or mounted prints. For those of you who are time poor and want to get a finished product […]

Pictures of me – Courtesy of Mr Ratahi

What do photographers do for fun? We try to get our spouses to take photos of us. I thought it would be a great idea to update my profile photos. I was on that whole new year, new pictures buzz. I put up a back drop, helped him with the settings and tried to pose. […]

5 Reasons why you want a Lifestyle Newborn Session

There are a lot of choices when it comes to newborn photography. There is the hospital photographer who comes into the ward, swaddles the baby and takes a quick snap (i had those for my first two). There are others who will invite you into their studio to get beautiful posed portraits. I am in […]

Jaxson – St Clair Home Studio Newborn Session

This little man is 1 now. He was only six days old when he came in for his session. He was wide awake and ready to play. Chilled out and relaxed, he kicked back in my props like a seasoned model. I was hoping for a sleepy model but he was at that stage where […]

Giving Back – Helping out the Kiwiwlocals Kommunity

At this time of year i like to reflect on my blessing, lessons and unachieved goals. I look back on the goals i set, what needs to be carried over to the next year and lay down my plans for the future. I feel blessed. I have a healthy family, a warm home and a […]

Are you ready for the new year?

To be honest I am really ready for the new year to begin. Its almost like starting with a clean slate. I have had such a massive year with 2013 that im hoping I can cruise through 2014. After the bombshell end to this year I’ve changed my goals and hopes for the future. Priorities […]

Where have I been? Dealing with depression

For those who follow me my absence for the last few weeks has been noticeable. normally I am on facebook everyday, posting about my people or my family. I like to keep in touch and be present in your news feeds. The last few weeks i disappeared practically. My world was rocked. Literally I was […]

One from the Archives – Bailey

The heat was like a wet blanket smothering us. It was way too hot for a session indoors. His downy hair was plastered to his head and swaddling was out of the question. Everything was ready, we laid him in the bowl but he wasn’t in the mood to be curled up. His little legs […]

Family Fun Stuff – Toilet Training Chart

I made a Reward Chart for Stephanie today. We are trying to toilet train and those of you with toddlers know how fun that can be. I asked for advise on how to get her to sleep in her own bed and someone suggested a rewards chart. I think it would be perfect for going […]

Happy Halloween – Stephanie’s First Halloween Dress Up – Say Monkey Photography

Happy Halloween People! Today isn’t really a holiday that I get. I know that kids like to dress up and go ask for lollies but I don’t know how these things have turned into a national holiday. Its an American tradition and one that is becoming increasingly popular here. I remember taking my little cousins […]

Teen Session – St Clair, Western Sydney – Say Monkey Photography

He was reluctant at first. his shoulders were hunched up like he didn’t really want to be there.  He wasn’t the type to play up to my camera. He’d had a massive growth spurt since I saw him last. It had been a few years and he was still a little awkward with me. He […]

Gorgeous Family Photos – Nurragingy Reserve, Western Sydney

Meet the Jones family. They joined me at Nurragingy Reserve for their family portraits way back in June. It was still winter then and they braved the cold in their winter woolies and we made some gorgeous family portraits. The kids jumped all over Dad, ran around the trees and photobombed each other a few […]

Country Catholic Baptism – Dalby Queensland

I was blessed with the privilege of becoming a godmother today. My eldest niece Claudia became my god daughter . Its the first time Ive been asked to be a godmother and to be honest I haven’t really paid attention to what usually goes on but as I had a role to play I tried […]

10 Kids & a Bride & Groom – North Ryde Wedding – Rose & Paul

I have a Wedding Biz called Mon Quay Wedding Photography. I decided that the name was better spelled that way as I wanted to attract brides who were outside my social and fan circle. I didn’t think “Say Monkey Photography” was going to appeal to someone looking for a wedding photographer. I am great with […]

Maternity Mini Session – Emma – 28 weeks – Say Monkey Photography

It seems like only yesterday she had a tiny bump. It was like a burger belly. The one you get when you’ve eaten too many burgers. Emma has a little ball now, tight as a drum with that cute line down the middle. You can see his limbs pushing when he moves around. There doesn’t […]

Baby Shower Fun & Games – Kings Langley

A baby is such a wonderful thing. There is something about a newsperson joining the family that is something wonderful. A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate this and today I wanted to share photos from a recent shower that I attended. Emma’s mum went to great efforts to put on an awesome […]

30 Days of Photography – Day 23 – Panning

Today’s Challenge image is one where I tried a technique called panning. No its not getting dirt from the creek and swirling it around tip the gold is left. This is one where you try and follow a moving object with your camera to capture the sense of movement but keep your main focus sharp. […]

Camden Expo Special Offer – Check Out Mon Quay Wedding Photography

As a few of you know I have a separate Brand & website for my Wedding Photography. This is because as much as I love Say Monkey Photography and the fun vibe behind our name I was told that Brides wouldnt like it. So Im really attached to the way saying the word “Monkey” makes […]

Outdoor Fathers Day Mini Session – Mr H – {St Clair NSW}

Meet Mr H. He is 2 and he wasn’t to keen on getting his pictures taken. This little man knew what he wanted to do and that was play on the playground. I like to take photographs at Dorothy Radford Reserve. It has some great trees, there are a few different shrubby types and for […]

How not to approach me and the right way to ask me for something.

I got an email yesterday from an aspiring photographer looking for work. They are currently studying and were after an assisting job.I would have been flattered except that I was sure that it was a copy & paste job and it wasnt addressed to me it was sent to Say Monkey Photography.  I’ve hidden the […]

If You Can DREAM it You can DO it

Last month Say Monkey Photography turned 4 years old. I remember when we started. My cousin Leah & I had both been into photography for a long time. Leah was looking for work and i was looking for a creative outlet. I had just finished Tony Robbins 30 day Personal Power program and was all […]

My Baby Belly – Encouragement for Mums {Woodcroft NSW}

Today I thought I would share photographs of me. They arent recent in fact they are over 2 years old. They were taken by my husband not long before I was induced to have Stephanie. I was 41 weeks along and very tired of being pregnant. Aside from feeling enormous I was suffering sciatica, carpal […]

30 Days of Photography Challenge……attempt to finish #3

What is this 30 Day Photography challenge you ask? Well i must confess that its actually a really old one that I am finally getting around to finishing, well……Im trying to finish it now. I started it way back in January 2012. Yip its a 30 day challenge that is taking me nearly 2 years. […]

5 fun games for your next party – Keep the kids happy

One of the things most children look forward to when they go to a party is the fun and games. Running around and playing with their friends is what makes a party especially fun and memorable. Of course, you don’t want kids to just be running around in circles. You want something fun planned, even […]

What to Wear – Red Inspiration

Red is one of, if not the, strongest of colors in the rainbow. A symbol of power, passion, blood, and love, red is a bold and striking colour for your session. Since red is truly a brilliant, attention-grabbing colour, we recommend peppering your outfit with red accents instead of making red the main colour for all garments. Pairing […]

Free Printable Party Invite – Circus Themed

I asked my facebook fans last night what I should write todays post about. I got three suggestions. The first was a request for a Circus Themed Invite. Im not a guru on creating this stuff but thought I would give it a go. I usually repurpose other things for the kids parties and am […]

The Little Ladies High Tea – 6 Girls in our Backyard {St Clair, Western Sydney, NSW}

I am so happy the school holidays are over. I like to think I am a creative type of person who could entertain the rowdiest of kids for the day. But i think as I get older my energy levels are not where they used to be. When I was younger I used to babysit […]

Christening & 1st Birthday Party {Western Sydney, NSW}

I am terrible at choosing presents. There is an evil little elf on my shoulder that always suggests buying noisy things like instruments or karaoke machines for other peoples kids. These are gifts that are terrible for the other parents. If you’ve ever had to listen to a 10 year old belting out Spice Girls […]

Mother & Daughter Glam Session – Nicole & Lyn – {St Clair Western Sydney}

Nicole & Lyn came in for a Mother & Daughter Glam session way back in May. They’ve been up on my homepage slideshow for ages but I have been slow in writing their blog post. Say Monkey Photography turned 4 last months and one of my resolutions for our 5th year in business was that […]

Studio Styled Cake Smash – Avah’s First Birthday {St Clair, NSW}

This little girl loves balloons. I thought i was being neat styling this session with handmade paper flowers and balloons that matched our colour scheme. I didn’t know that the attraction of the balloons would out weigh that of the cake. As long as these funny things were close by to bash she didnt even […]

Outdoor Family Mini Portrait Session {Chalmers St Park, Haymarket NSW}

This was the mini-est of Mini Sessions only 15minutes. This is my stepbrother Quinton, his sister & mum. He stayed with us for the school holidays and was heading home when we took these photos. His sister was really shy and unfortunately with Mini sessions sometimes i just cant get the shy ones to loosen […]

Spring Cleaning in the Ratahi household – Using the Britex Carpet Cleaner

Today was a big day for me. I’m not one of those people who scrub walls and windows every week. Nor do I obsess over the occasional cobweb or dust bunny. But even I have my trigger point and today I turned my house upside down and cleaned it. My house has been Girl Central […]

4 Tips for Travelling with Kids

The school holidays are almost over and many of you are heading home. Some never left hame and for many the thought of taking their tribe anywhere is a very scary one. If you were like my mum you travelled 14hrs from Brisbane to Sydney or vice versa and are praying you never do it […]

Fun with Paint – Miss Stephanie gets to Paint Dora

I bought a little plaster paint set for Stephanie to enjoy. She is a creative little button and loves to draw, paint & sing. I know thats pretty much any 2 year old. But I love watching her face light up at the opportunity to paint and she really concentrates on it when she’s doing […]

Fun Boys Portrait Session – {St Clair Western Sydney}

I’ve featured both these boys in the last few weeks. Rather than bombard you with all the photos in one post I thought I would show you a few at a time. Flynn & Tristan are mates and when they both turned up to my shout out they had a good time hanging out and […]

30 Days of Blogtober – A post for each day

I have taken part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge a few times now and tried posting every day for a month to increase the content on my blog, try and provide my people with something of interest to look at and a few things of interest to learn. I’ve decided this month to up the […]

Outdoor Fathers Day Session – The Leonards {St Clair NSW}

Every year I do Fathers Day Mini Sessions. This is the first of them to make it to the blog. There will be more sessions to check out in the weeks to come as I catch up on blogging. There will be a mixture of recent sessions and blasts from the past so be sure […]

Say Monkey 4th Birthday Celebration Winners
Home Outdoor Portrait Session – 3 Pretty Girls

Today I made portraits with my nieces. They are very outgoing little girls and they talk nonstop. I guess that would describe most little girls. They are 7, 6 & 4. Their mummy has her hands full keeping them occupied. They are here for the school holidays and will head back to Queensland next week. […]

Say Monkey Photography turns 4 – Random Giveaway

We turned 4 on the 25th of September. That was the date we officially registered the business name. We’ve stuck around for a little while now and we plan to be around for a long while to come. We’ve been celebrating over on our Facebook Page by running Random Giveaways. Click on the links below […]